Polish, born in Szczecin in 1976. As a single mother she emigrated to Ireland in 2005 when soon she met her future Irish husband Michael. In 2009 she became mother again. Her older son is 23 now and lives in Poland. Younger Max is part of  “Zarafet” crew. She was working for 18 years in tourism, administration and customer service.  4 years ago she decided to give up work and follow her dreams.  Started art classes and photography. On the boat she is real bosun. Cleaning, tiding, sorting, organizing area and making space –  life on board friendly. 

Monika is friendly outgoing open person, bringing lots of positive energy, loves the finer detail in things and also in people’s characters.  Our living barometer with her good humors when weather is good and low emotions just before rain.  She is getting frustrated when things are not happening fast enough and when the things are not put back in their places.  She is opened for new adventures and ready to take risk to win happiness. 


Monika’s actual projects:

Homeschooling Max

Sailing Zarafet documentary channel – Watch

Photo & Art ( – Watch