Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.


So hold the stone and smile.

You will never be sad again and you will receive smile every day .


This is 197 gr , long   6cm a flat, little bit square shape stone.

Is mostly painted  by really bright yellow color. He has two black eyes and bog black smile. He is perfect to keep him in the left hand.


Of course there is information :






Fethiye / Turkey



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   Leon is Blue Great Dane. 

   We lost our first Dane – Sulli in November 2017 and week later we brought home little Leon. He is our sweetheart.

   Like every Dane he is giant with really huge heart. He loves his family and we are the most important for him. Best if we never separate. 

   Our boat is his castle and nobody can come on board without permission. He is great protector. After that every one is best friend.  He is happy dog, very emotional and full of energy.  His weak point is drooling  and forcing people to pet him all the time. Also he doesn’t know how big he is, so can be frustrating if he is taking centre of space or constantly trying to sit on your lap 🙂

Leon’s gellery:


Polish – Irish child. Born in 2009. Speaks two languages. Member of crew “Zarafet”.

   When we started our trip in October 2018 Max was nearly 9.

     He is really bright and happy boy. Always in good humour. Like every child can get frustrated but doesn’t keep frustration or anger to long ( 20 sek max :)) He is able to stand up for his rights . Really creative and sensitive personality. Can chat all day from morning till night. The best subject of course is fantasy world. Conversation, debating, discussion, arguing is his strength. Imagination and creation are his super power.

   His weak point is following the rules and being quiet. 



Max’s actual projects:


Max’s Art Projects – Watch


     Polish, born in Szczecin in 1976. In 2005 she emigrated to Ireland where  she met Michael – her future Irish husband.  She was working for 18 years in tourism, administration and customer service.  In 2015  decided to give up work and follow her dreams.  Started art classes and photography.

    On the boat she is real bosun. Cleaning, tiding, sorting, organizing area and making space –  life on board friendly. 

    Monika is friendly outgoing open person, bringing lots of positive energy, loves the finer detail in things and also in people’s characters.  Our living barometer with her good humors when weather is good and low emotions just before rain. 

     She is getting frustrated when things are not happening fast enough and when the things are not put back in their places.  She is opened for new adventures and ready to take risk to win happiness. 


Monika’s actual projects:

Homeschooling Max

Sailing Zarafet documentary channel – Watch

Photo & Art ( – Watch



   Irish, born in Dublin in 1965. Father of 2 and husband of 1 🙂 Captain of “Zarafet”.

   Sailing since was  12 years old.  His life dream was circumnavigating the world. As real Captain should be – he is strong, brave, responsible,  well organised, focused on goals and trustable.  He is also great cook.We love his sense of humour and friendly nature. He can keep distance and laughs at himself or judge the situation really objectively. 

   But don’t think he is perfect. He has weak point like all of us. He is concentrate on big project so he has no mind for small things like tidying, cleaning, discussing colors, cloths shopping or fixing mini-things 🙂


Michael’s actual projects:

Boat Project – Watch 

Profession – Watch 

Keeping family safe and happy. 



“ZARAFET” – Prout45 1995r